Featured Podcast: Tin Foil Hat w/ Sam Tripoli – Featuring Bishop Larry Gaiters

September 21, 2020 4:45 am - by - Streamers

The Tin Foil Hat Podcast is brought to you by Sam Tripoli, Xavier Guerero, and Johnny Nice.

Here at Verge Report, we’re not just trying to aggregate links and content that we find interesting. We want to editorialize what we aggregate in the most helpful, efficient, and self-aggrandizing way possible! We listened to this podcast and we want to help you remember this podcast.

Disclaimer: Our opinions are our opinions alone, whatever Larry says is whatever Larry says. He’s got some very interesting perspectives and a TON of information to share. Think for yourself, and listen to many voices!

WARNING: Do not drink every time Larry says: “The manipulation of Black Pain and the Weaponization of Black Trauma”

(5:22) Echokinesis

(5:28) Chronokinesis (?)

(5:35) Tychokinesis (?)

(7:50) Witches run Black Lives Matter? (We cannot find concrete proof of that, but they are admittedly “trained Marxists” (sponsored by Nike) and “left-wing social activist witchcraft” is definitely a thing.

(11:30) Chadwick Bosemen

(13:20) Gregorian Calendar

(13:30) Baphomet

(14:00) 46 and 2

(14:50) Original Paramount Logo

(15:00) Jesse L Lasky

(16:20) NeuroplasticityNeuro-parasitology

(17:10) J.K. Rowling Baphomet Tattoo (Solve et Coagula, not Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet. Solve et Coagula does not mean Baphomet, but it does say that on Levi’s Baphomet)

(18:25) Enoch 6

(28:00) Zyklon B

(29:30) Isaac Monsanto

(34:30) Margaret Sanger

(35:20) Valerie Jarret

(38:30) Robert Robinson Taylor

(39:00) James E Bowman

(40:00) Alf Alving (ctrl-f)

(41:50) Laura Silsby

(44:30) Eaters of Children

(48:50) Sun of Vergina

(53:50) Constiutional Republic!

(56:50) Jordan Maxwell

(116:40) Dr. Malvin Weisburg

Did you find that helpful? If so, you will be delighted to know that we intend to make a “thing” out of this! See you soon.

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