Yellow Journalism: Investigation of Potential Dominion Fraud Associated with ‘QAnon’

November 14, 2020 7:29 pm - by - Blog


Should questions regarding Dominion and voter fraud be automatically associated with ‘QAnon” ?

Ben Collins writes:

For days after the election, adherents to the QAnon conspiracy movement had been trying to get President Donald Trump’s attention with constant false claims about voter fraud connected to a company that makes voting machines.

Stop and think for a moment:

Do you think that the only people who are concerned with what’s going on with the Dominion machines must be full fledged members of this “group”? Does that seem like “Yellow Journalism” to you, to immediately make that association? The mainstream media are colluding to shut down any questions at all in regards to voter fraud. They do this after claiming, for 4 years, that Trump got into office BECAUSE OF RUSSIAN FRAUD. I don’t care if you want Trump’s head on a pike, this type of bullshit completely undermines the integrity of the United States, or whatever is left of it.

It’s cool when we do it, but when the other “side” does it it’s evil and bad.

Investigation of voter fraud and Dominion systems should be warranted, despite what the central planners have concluded.

Simply stating “This is not true”, “False claims”, “Unsubstantiated” without making a real argument is NOT WHAT JOURNALISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Even if a full investigation, recount, audit, etc, results in Biden still being the winner of the electoral college, then so be it. Trump supporters will seethe and move on with life. Why must this be completely covered up? This seems to make the DNC look more guilty.

Imagine a journalist wanted to run a hit piece on a particular piece of legislation that might pass, but they wanted to attempt to make it look “unbiased”. Let’s call the bill proposition X:

“We’re here with an ardent supporter for proposition X, a 40 year old skinhead with a swastika tattoo who kicks puppies and donates money to NAMBLA, to get the inside scoop on why people support this type of legislation.”

Remember: To discredit and subvert Occupy Wall St, the media chose to focus the camera on the most outlandish and absurd demonstrators. Over time, the movement was subverted by DNC insiders to represent the interests of the Democrat Party. Occupy was no longer an organic, focused, bi-partisan movement. Likewise, the “Truthers” of today (those who challenge the main-stream media oligarchy) are now to be conflated with the media’s preferred boogeymen.

How low are they willing to go to control the narrative? On the bright side, their pitiful desperation reveals the need to protect themselves. Is this a good sign, or should we be wise to beware the fighter on the ropes? Desperate people do desperate things.


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