Resist Tyranny: Covid 19 Protests Around the World!

December 2, 2020 8:01 pm - by - Blog

Covid 19 Protests around the world! Head to Staten Island tonight if you’re close!


WeAreChange: You’ve Got To See How Religious Jews Are Battling Cuomo in NYC!

Lend us your Chutzpah, Chosen Ones! Don’t let that Rat Bastard push you around, NYC!

Hundreds in Newaygo protest latest COVID-19 order that closes in-person dining

NEWAYGO — Hundreds of people gathered outside of Jimmy’s Roadhouse in Newaygo Friday to protest the epidemic order in Michigan that closes in-person dining for three weeks.

The order, put in place by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, is an attempt to curb the rampant growth in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations taking place across Michigan.

The protest was put together in part by Stand Up Michigan, which describes itself as “a relational organic movement of We The People of Michigan,” whose vision is to “reclaim and defend the rights and liberties of We The People of Michigan.”

The Media did a good job sweeping this under the rug: Don’t forget the Million Mask March in London

Nearly 200 people have been arrested for breaching coronavirus rules after taking part in a demonstration in central London on the first night of the new lockdown in England.

Protesters gathered as part of the Million Mask March, an annual anti-authoritarian demonstration that this year attracted a significant number of people angry about the latest wave of Covid restrictions.

Police initially struggled to control the fluid, fast-paced protest, with officers ordering those taking part to return home, and snatching some protesters from the crowd, wrestling them to the floor and arresting them.

One arrested protester said she had joined the demonstration “because it’s clear the government is lying to us and it’s not fair”.

The protester, in her 30s and from south London, who preferred not to be named, said: “My business has closed again and it was closed for six months. I managed to get nine weeks [of trading]. Last Thursday was the first day that I felt it was getting back to how it used to be, and then Saturday we got the lockdown news.

“I’m protesting for all the people who can’t see what’s going on; I’m protesting for all the people who can but feel that they can’t go to protests because of the way that they are portrayed; I’m protesting for all the people in the care homes; I’m protesting for my nan, who I haven’t seen for I don’t know how long; I’m protesting for my children; I’m protesting for humanity.”

…and then the Fascists were nice enough to apologize:

Scotland Yard has apologised after journalists and photographers covering an anti-lockdown protest were told to leave and threatened with arrest.

Journalists at the demonstration protesting the new national lockdown in England in Trafalgar Square on Thursday were reportedly told by officers they were not seen as essential workers and needed special permission from the Metropolitan police service (MPS) to be present.

The reported incidents took place as police clashed with protesters in the capital on the first day of the month-long second lockdown.

The Society of Editors (SoE) has written to the Home Office and Met seeking “urgent clarification” that photographers and journalists will be able to cover protests which take place under the new lockdown measures in England.

It said the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) guidance stated journalists are covered as key workers and “there is a public interest in keeping the population informed of the developing crisis”.

Pack like sardines at Walmart and on Airplanes? Ok, sure. Stock up on liquor and lottery tickets? Sure. Go to Church? Absolutely not!

Whatever your thoughts on religion are, it’s absolutely disgusting to prevent people some from expressing their beliefs and convictions, while encouraging others to do so! Church goers sit down with their community and make an attempt to focus on being a better person. Burn/Loot/Murder and their Antifa thug pals brazenly commit acts of violence and arson. The violent group is praised by the media and allowed to demonstrate by the government, the peaceful one is ignored/demonized and quite literally persecuted.

Calling it persecution by public policy, hundreds of mostly Catholic Christians protested against Oregon’s COVID-19 restrictions limiting church attendance on Saturday.

“We don’t do this for our own sake. We do this in solidarity with the millions of Christians who have lost their lives for Christ,” declared Father Theodore Lange, chaplain of the Oregon Knights of Columbus which organized the protest, according to the Catholic Sentinel. “We do this for future generations. We do this because we love God, we love the United States and we love Oregon.”

More than 400 protestors, including hundreds of Vietnamese Catholics, decried Gov. Kate Brown’s Nov. 25 decision to limit church attendance to 25% of capacity or 100 people, whichever is less, in response to the novel coronavirus. Brown had initially announced a 25-person limit in churches statewide but she increased that cap after protests from Archbishop Alexander Sample and other leaders, the publication said.

“We are here today to speak in one voice: Stop the religious repression,” Young Tran, a refugee from Vietnam and a member of Our Lady of La Vang Parish in Happy Valley said. “It happened in our former country, a communist and a socialist country, and it’s starting to happen here now.”


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