Kamala Harris’ ties to Dominion/Smartmatic

u/n0op_n0op writes:

Did you know that Kamala Harris’ husband works for DLA Piper?

SGO Corporation Limited, founded by CEO Antonio Mugica of Smartmatic. They are based in London whose primary asset is election technology and a voting machine manufacturer. It ALL comes back to Dominion Systems Inc.

In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer.

They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaolo and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder.

Kamala Harris husband, Doug Emhoff, just so happens to work for DLA Piper.

And Smartmatic is connected to… you guessed it. Dominion Systems Inc.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartmatic (See 2014)